Heidi S


Traveling with Get Up and Go Global was a great adventure that CHANGED MY LIFE! Seriously.... It was the most fun I have ever had... EVER! The people I met were amazing, I love the roommates I was placed with! I keep in touch with everyone, they are LIFE LONG friendships!

I loved teaching all of the activities on the beach! Beach volleyball, beach soccer, pool volleyball, Latin dancing lessons...and more! my most favourite were 'crazy games' we did with the guests!! I danced as Liza Minnelli every Wednesday and I was a blackjack dealer every Sunday evening, and i even acted as Santa Claus during Christmas! i also lead club dances in the disco-tech during the evenings! So fun!

Upon returning to the USA not only did I have a new sense of independence but I also fell in love with the cultures, people and languages, so I changed my major to languages and I am graduating in 1 month!!

I recommend GGG to everyone!

(I’m going again soon!)






Vanessa Y

Enjoy the video! It's just a little piece of some of the people and things that made me who I am today. Owe it all to you guys! :)

(Message attached to a video of one of the shows she performed in)




Eric L

What can I say? Get Up & Go Global were fantastic! They looked after me from the start of my journey to the very end.

Being an Aussie, and living so far away from the rest of the world, GGG gave me the experience people would only dream of. When I tell people back at home that I have lived and worked overseas, people are amazed. Through my experience, it has made me believe I can do anything I put my mind to, and that anything is possible. From not knowing a single person, nor speaking a single word of Spanish, I was quick to embrace the culture and take on board everything that came with it.

I came back home to try and settle in Australia, and have been home since...but not a day goes past that I don't go off into my own little world and wish I was back there working in 'ultimate paradise'! Who knows...one day I just may be back! Never say never! 

Thanks again GGG!